Do you think this would be OK for Pi Zero?

Looking at one of these as a possible power source for a Zero with a temp/ humidity/baro (BME280) and LCD screen for approx. 45 minutes in the field.


Guess its what you are going to use it for and how much you tickle the processor.

If you where going to use it as a data logger then maybe check this.

Maybe ?

Such a URL !! :) but was just first link I could find, but sure there would be something that could sort of match your requirements with a bit of Victorian engineering to get through the night on a bad day.


There is no way that’s a 50,000mAh battery pack - it’s waaaaaay too small. It may be enough for what you want to do but since they are clearly lying about the spec don’t be surprised if it’s just a can full of sand. :-)


I wouldn’t recommend buying no-name power banks, in addition to them having much smaller capacity than advertised and smaller maximum current output than advertised, the output voltage and output ripple are often way off of what’s acceptable in the USB specification. This could easily cause sporadic problems with Pi’s or even cause damage to them.

The only power bank brand that has passed our testing here at the pirate towers is Anker, and to avoid fakes I’d recommend buying straight from their official store (AnkerDirect) on amazon.


Thanks for the reply Niko, I have decided to abandon that idea for now.
Need to sort out other things first.