Portable PSU Recommendation


Hi, I originally thought of this when I constructed the STS-Pi - can you recommend a power source for it - or even sell one! :-) I’ve since been experimenting with power banks however I’m concerned that they may damage the Pi depending which one I use. For example, I bought a TP Link Power Bank which gives a 10400mAh output at 5v. This works perfectly with my STS-Pi (which is a RPi 2, however, if I power a Pi Zero W (with a Blinkt attached) with this, the Pi makes a rather worrying noise a bit like a de-tuned fm radio! I’ve also tried a smaller Belkin 4000mAh power pack but I find the Pi Zero W reboots for no reason when powered with it.

I’m concerned that these packs are either supplying too much or too little voltage…

(In either case, the packs are fully charged…)




I’m using a PowerBoost 1000c with a 6600MAH battery with one of my portable Pi projects. Its a PI A+ with Sense Hat attached. https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/powerboost-1000-charger-rechargeable-5v-lipo-usb-boost-1a-1000c
This should be even better once it shows up. https://shop.pimoroni.com/collections/new-products/products/mp2636-power-booster-charger-module The PowerBoost has a 1.2A current limit, it could be iffy running it with a Pi 3B for instance. The other one can supply up to 2.5A, which should be more than enough for a Pi 3B.


The random reboots when connected to a power bank might be the auto shutoff in the power bank itself. I’ve certainly come across more than one that simply turns its outputs off unless the connected device consumes enough power. It’s not impossible that the Pi Zero is simply power-efficient enough that the battery assumes there’s no load and shuts it off.

I’ve had good success with power banks otherwise. I prefer them for a few reasons:

  1. Built-in 5v regular and 5v output
  2. Built-in charge circuitry
  3. Usually in a sealed plastic/aluminium case, so safe and resistant to damage


Thanks for this, it looks like this is what’s happening. I’ve tried the smaller power bank with the STS-Pi, and it hasn’t rebooted once.


Thanks for this, I’ll concider a charger module if I decide I want to power a Zeropi by battery.