STS-Pi Power Supply?

Hey all

Can anyone offer any advice as to a Power bank I can use with the STS-Pi? I have a couple of Power banks at home kicking around, but they do not seem to work with the STS-Pi

I am running the STS-Pi with a Pi Zero W and a p-hat.

Many thanks

We use the Anker ones, and they tend to work very well.

What is its MAH rating and max current out? I just scored a couple of Retrack Power Banks on sale. They are 2000MAH and 1000ma out. I ran my own rover, Pi Zero, Explorer pHat, and 4 motors off of one. Just a quick test though with no monitor hooked up. If I was getting the yellow lightning bolt I had no way to see it. I plan to try it again with a monitor hooked up, just can’t find my round 2it.

I think they tend to be 1A, yeah. You should be ok, in general. Sometimes when the motors stall they pull loads of current and you can get a brown out, but it’s fine if you’re careful.

Hey Sandy,

I am running the latest raspberry pi model 3 B+
I belive in order to run the latest model with motors and camera, I would need minimum 2.5 Amp current or do you think I can run it with 1Amp?

I am not able to find the right answer on internet. As per the link, it seems like the latest model needs 2.5 Amp minimum.

Please guide.

The 3B draws ~400ma idle, that would only leave ~600ma if you were to use a 1A power supply. It all depends on how much current your motors draw? And the 3B+ isn’t listed, best guess is it uses slightly more current than the 3B. IMHO 1A would be iffy at best to run a 3B+ and motors etc.
So far all my portable battery powered projects are using Zero W’s and A+'s. Mainly because they have a low current draw compared to other Pi models. I’ve been using the PowerBoost 1000c with a LIPO battery as the power source. I have one 4 wheel rover I’m having issues with motors stalling when turning. I plan on trying this in place of the powerboost to get more current. Its good for 2A out.