MoPi, solar power and pi setup [newbie questions!]

hi, i want to use one of these for a solar powered pi camera for outdoors to film wildlife. the location is too far from my house to have mains power. i will be using motioneyeos. i will have help with the software side but i have a couple of questions regarding the hardware:

So the idea is to make the project using pi zero and MoPi: Mobile Power for the Raspberry Pi along with a solar panel and powerbank.

  1. Is there a specific usb lead that i would need to connect usb [using powerbank] to the ground and live wires on the mopi module?
  2. The solar panel [i am thinking Anker PowerPort Solar but am open to suggestions] has dual usb output. is it possible to have one of the usb to go into the module and the other into the powerbank? is that the best setup and safe for the pi?
  3. i wanted to use the pi zero with the adafruit spy camera. the use of the zero is for power saving. but i don’t know if it’s worth the power saving. also i dont know if the lead that it comes with the spy camera works with this one [i don’t think so] but if not, is there an adaptor for the pi zero?

Any help is appreciated!


Hi all

I have very little experience with raspberry pi and computers. What I would like to build is a solar powered camera that will record time lapse onto an SD card. In my head it feels possible and I was wondering if the octopus camera with a solar panel might do it?

Would love to hear some advice from a generous soul….