Window mount/Octocam


I have a rapsberry pi zero with the mini camera but want to mount it to a window. Ideally I would like the octocam but without the pi etc just the mount. There is one other type of mount but its designed for a normal camera?
Has anyone else mounted a pi with camera to a window? Thanks


I taped mine to a large USB battery and stood it on the window sill :D Not exactly the tidiest solution, but it worked.

I’ll mention about the Octocam mount, right now we don’t sell it separately.

PiHut sell ZeroView which is a similar concept:


Those 3M double sided sticky pads for their wall hooks etc may work. I’ve used them for a few things. The easy to remove is the part that I like. You just pull that tab and stretch them and it all comes off again. No damage and nothing left behind. You can buy just the pads. You can here in Canada anyway.


Thanks they look like the could work.