Use camera module with pi-pico

I want to build a very low power (remotely located solar panel powered) timelapse camera and store the pictures locally (external drive) to be retrieved manually every few days. My ideal choice would be a rpi-pico with a 16MP Camera Module for Raspberry Pi and a Adafruit Universal charger (bq24074) coupled to a solar panel and battery store. I need the system to be as small as practical. I think this should be possible but I can’t see any examples of this being done. Can this be programmed using standard python and appropriate libraries?

First hurdle is the Official Pi Camera uses the CSI connector / Interface on the Pi.
The Pico has no CSI port?

Maybe I could use another camera with SPI interface although the resolution is a bit low at 5 MP

Yeah, I took a quick look and all I saw here (other than the thermal) were the Ardacam, which were 5 MP.
Adafruit “might” have something better?