Enviro camera

What happened to the Enviro camera product? I can’t see it in the product list.


It hasn’t been released yet. As far as I know anyway.

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Yeah, we’re having a rethink about that one. We’re still working on a camera product with similar features, but it will probably turn out be a Pico Pack rather than an Enviro.


Thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep an eye out for the Pico Pack in question.

Ditto to that. I have a bunch of Pi based camera setups on the go here. Two are Pan Tilt setups.
I personally would like something like the Tufty or Badger, as in Pico W onboard all in one. I get that it makes the outline bigger, but you get a nice slim product, depth wise. Like the Enviro version was, although I think that was RP2040, not Pico W.