Little Lipo power supply

All of the existing battery power things seem to be flawed in some fundamental way that means you cannot just bung one inside a project and then carry it around. They either steal all the GPIO pins or have lots of fixed position buttons which, when under a HAT and inside a case, mean you cannot turn the thing on. Or they are designed for a little Arduino or something and don’t give enough power for a Pi.

The PiJuice looked exciting, it got kickstarter funded at the end of March 2015 and they were going to select a manufacturer very soon and then where did it go? Maybe they got abducted by slave traders from Orion.

On November 27 2015*, Pimoroni showed a prototype of a little lipo power supply and it looked great. However, it vanished. Where did it go?

Lke Jacob Marley and his giant chains, are we destined to be lugging around dangling USB mobile power banks forever? Am I wrong, am I missing some great thing?

They announced in the Bilge Tank today that they’re going to be receiving LiPos in the next few weeks, so presumably the LiPo power supply will become a reality. ‘They are on a ship from China’

Oh great, exactly the information I was after. I just went to listen to the latest episode (Bilge Tank 033). “ZeroLipo is on its final spin…” Great.

BTW Searching online for ZeroLipo gives me a meme about dieting, I don’t know if Google is trying to tell me something…

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