LiPo Amigo Pro and solar power

I’m probably underestimating the complexity of this, but … would it be possible to hook up the LiPo Amigo Pro to a solar power panel, to effectively use solar power to power a Raspberry Pi zero continuously?

One user commented that when the device is running, the battery recharge is not too high. Then again, the draw of the Raspberry Pi is fairly low (120mA or so).

I’d be interested in the answer to this question also. I have been pondering a solar project myself.

A quick search indicates this product appears to be designed to charge solar panels. Unfortunately at the present time it is out of stock.


Ah, I just found stocks of the PiJuice Zero - my recent searches indicated these are hard to come by, but at this link they seem to be in-stock. The maker claims this will work with a solar panel power source.

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Thank you so much - that’s an excellent discovery. I thought they had gone out of stock for good!

No worries. They do seem to be out of the regular PiJuice, but the PiJuice Zero will work with an ordinary Pi - it’s just a different “hat” shape, so perhaps mounting it will need a bit more work.

It looks like the Adafruit charge board isn’t hard to get hold of, it’s just Pimoroni are OOS. Here is another supplier in the UK, they have some now.

I do like the look of the PiJuice Zero, but at twice the price of the Pi Zero itself, it seems a bit expensive.

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Nice find!

I’ve ordered both the PiJuice and the Adafruit board.

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