Amigo Pro & Inventor Mini


I have an Amigo Pro connected to an Inventor Mini but I can’t seem to stop it from draining the battery when the Amigo Pro is “Off” via the PWR button. Am I doing something wrong?

Amigo Pro

  • Inventor Mini connected via JST to DEVICE
  • LiPo Battery connected via JST to BAT

Inventor Mini

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W connected via HAT


Aside from your issue, an Amigo Pro (IMHO) isn’t the best choice for powering a Raspberry Pi. At best you’ll get 4.2 V with fully charged, and down to 3.2 when the battery gets to its low range. A Raspberry Pi wants a nice steady 5V.
I use a Power Boost with my Raspberry Pi’s. It boosts the voltage to 5V.
PowerBoost 1000 Charger - Rechargeable 5V Lipo USB Boost @ 1A - 1000C (

MP2636 Power Booster & Charger Module (

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Yes I note the Amigo Pro only does 4.2v. Mostly this is enough for what I’m doing with the Pi. But a 5v solution would be better! Sadly that Adafruit component is hard to come-by (out of stock) at the moment.

I’m surprised there aren’t more simple LiPo/5v solutions on the market that aren’t full-on HATs.

There is this, only supplies 1.5 A though.
LiPo SHIM for Raspberry Pi (