Volumio + speaker phat


I would like to know what was the code used to use the speaker phat on the top of mi pi zero as a speaker and with the LEDs blinking like on this video : https://youtu.be/dlONCkcrvRk?t=15m43s
And want is the i2s dac that I have to chose so that a can modulate the sound coming out ?


as @gadgetoid states in the video, getting this to work is not straightforward. The concern is mostly that once you got it set up nicely - after non-inconsiderable efforts - it’s all too easy to break it using their UI so it’s hardly something easy to keep going without fail.

I think it’s something we have in mind, when time permits, to look into what the best way to get that working and not be so prone to breakage. Until then, it’s quite possible that just running the pivumeter setup will yield something functional. YMMV.