Wakng up the Arduino from sleep with the RV3028

I run an arduino monitoring cars entering a car park by recording any change in pressure in a length of rubber hose. I had the genius idea of saving battery by putting the arduino to sleep when the car park is closed, and waking it up in the morning when it opens again, but I’m really struggling how to do this with the low power RV3028 RTC!

There’s not many examples I can find online usin the RV3028 libraries, so if anyone could help me I’d hugely appreciate it. The Arduino checks the time, if it matches it goes to sleep, should wake up and start monitoring, but instead it goes straight back to sleep. The full code is Go to sleep at 10pm, wake up at 6am - Pastebin.com. (I’ve put in a few more Serial.print()s to see what is happening, and changed it to wake up/go to sleep at various minutes as I was testing the code)