WD PiDrive 314GB and Raspberry Pi 1TB of HDD storage


I heard about this a while back and was thinking of adding to my Picade. I know Micro SD cards are cheaper now but 314GB is 314GB and 1Tb is 1TB. That is alot of Dreamcast, PSX, and PSP games. Check it out and share your thoughts.

WD PiDrive 314GB $32.00

Pi 1TB of HDD storage $79.99

Check this video out. Once setup all you have to do is change the rom directories for each emulator on Retropie.
Raspberry Pi (Nin10do Lite V2 console


I use one of these: https://shop.pimoroni.com/products/sata-hard-drive-to-usb-adapter

And an SSD for no particular reason.

If you’re using a Pi 3, it no longer requires an SD card, either. In theory you should be able to boot straight from the hard drive, which should be at least slightly faster. I haven’t managed to get it working yet, though.


So I see the adapter has to USB. Does both need to be plugged in for it to
have enough power?


If you mean the PiDrive cable, it’s slightly different.

It has 4 connectors on it:

Micro-USB female - you plug the standard wall-wart power supply in here.
Micro-USB male - connects to the Pi to power it.
Full sized USB3 male - plugs into the PiDrive.
Full sized USB male - plugs into the Pi, for data transfer.

Basically the cable is designed to allow the same power supply to support both the Pi and the Drive, and to also act as the data cable between the two.

I have one and it works well, presuming your power supply has sufficient current supply for both. It’s designed for simple convenience in reducing the amount of cables required whilst ensuring everything is powered properly.


I think I am going to try o e of these pidrives. The 314gb one. You think
retropie can be installed on it like we do with an SD card? That would be
no more SD card.


It should work, although I can’t say I’ve personally tried it cardless as mine’s hooked up to a Pi2 at the moment. But it certainly works fairly well with BerryBoot (I helped beta-test the combination for WD, hence why I have the 314GB version as that’s what they gave us).

If it were me, for the price difference I’d go for the larger one, but then I usually try to get as much storage space as possible (which I think of course fill anyway, but a little less quickly).