Welcome To The Bilge Tank

Welcome to the Bilge Tank, the weekly live video show where we answer your questions, show off new and tasty products, projects and modifications.

Youtube Channel

You can find all the Bilge Tank episodes from the Pimoroni Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuiDNTaTdPTGZZzHm0iriGQ

Your Questions & Suggestions

Tweet us your questions and suggestions at @pimoroni with the hashtag #bilgetank, or post them live on the Youtube chat and we’ll try to answer them on-air.

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How do I contribute to the live chat during a live Bilge Tank broadcast on you tube. Sorry for being a pain, it’s an age thing, I’m very old and I gained my electronics experience when tv’s had glass in them…and they glowed! My computer knowledge is limited (I can switch on my RPi) so please be kind!

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