Episode 006 - Undefined


Since we’ve always been a little shy on questions to answer in each BilgeTank episode ( something to do with us not asking until the last minute! ) I’m setting up this thread a week in advance so you can start asking away.

Title and content to come ;)

Question we missed from 005:



I built an Explorer HAT robot with an ultrasonic sensor and want to integrate NeoPixels into the project. How can I get the Raspberry Pi to control a Trinket to light up the NeoPixels whenever the Explorer HAT detects the robot is about to hit something?



In this episode, @gadgetoid mentions you guys are working on a (Arduino compatible) shield… can you go into any more details in the next BT’s show.

If no specifics about this particular product can be disclosed right now, are shields something we can expect to be seen on a regular basis from Pimoroni in the future?

PS: don’t forget to post topics for episodes 007 and 008, and generally ahead of the show, for those of us who can’t catch them live!