Display-o-tron with Explorer HAT

Hi. I am a new boy to the Pi but trying to use the Explorer board to control a couple of analog devices and want to use a do3k to display some information. I am using a Pi 2b model b and have the latest Raspbian.
I have hooked it all up and stacked the HATs and it all works except that I can’t write text to the LCD. it works fine without the Explorer HAT so I am guessing that there is a conflict somewhere. I don’t get any errors when i write to the LCD. Other functions - graph and backlight work fine. The joystick doesn’t work but i have issues with this when it is plugged in on its own.

thanks in advance

… very strange. rebooted a couple of times and now it seems ok…

Interesting, it may have been you had the SPI pins set into a different mode from using the Explorer HAT Pro library!