Fixed - Display-O-Tron: No text appearing on screen

I recently purchased a Display-O-Tron and have run into an error. While the blacklight works text does not appear. According to the installation guide a message should have appeared upon installation and it did not. I have tried the lcd.write function and nothing appears.

I am using a Pi 3 B with Raspian. I have tried a fresh install of the OS and updating the OS. Neither have fixed the issue. Nor has a myriad of other little tinkering. Any help resolving this issue would be great.



Is this the display o tron hat? If so make sure you are running the dothat examples not dot3k

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Yes, it is the Display-O-Tron hat. I looked at the DotHat examples and found my issue. I wasn’t using the lcd.clear() before entering text.

Thanks, I completely missed that!