Hello! I just bought a DisplayOTron Hat at Maker Faire Berlin. I was amazed by the backlight. Mine worked fine, I played around with the examples for a while. The next day, all examples work, but i dont get any output on the display portion - bargraph and backlight work just fine.
I did not change anything in the software and I dont think my RasPi Zero did an auto update.
Why is that happening? Thanks in advance!

Are you running the Display-o-Tron 3000 or Display-o-Tron HAT examples?

Try powering off the Pi/removing the HAT and re-fitting, re-starting.

I’m having exactly the same problem with my displayotron. For a short time the text appeared, but then, suddenly, it doesn’t display text anymore. The other functions are writing fine, except the text.
I hope there is a kind of solution… Maybe some kind of factory settings function? …
I use the DisplayOTron on Raspberry Pi 3B plus.

I am running the Display-o-Tron HAT examples. refitting the HAT did not change anything.

I tested Display-o-Tron today a second time. It displayed Hello World and the IP address. I started the background demo and the text with rainbow background displayed, but during the demo the text disappeare. From that moment on, the text didn’t occur in every demo.
So it doesn’t really work …

if you have another Pi to try it on ,i think that would be a good idea. to eliminate a issue with the Pi … mine works fine out of the box

I tried mine with a Pi3 and two Pi0’s.

that’s not good ,defective hat i guess

Is there any way i can get mine replaced? I didnt get any paperwork with my HAT when i bought it at MakerFaire Berlin.

Drop support a line at support@pimoroni.com - paperwork or not, if it’s one of our products we’ll do all we can to help you out/replace if necessary.

Edit: Also, sorry for the delay getting back to you- this forum is terrible at notifying me about important posts.