Pimoroni Display-o-tron hat, no text, yes backlight and bar graphs

Hi, I just installed a new display-o-tron hat on a raspberry pi 3b running raspbian stretch lite, and I can get the backlight and bar graphs to work, but not the text. I have searched the forums here and already checked that we are running dothat examples and imports, not dot3k, and that i2c and spi are both enabled in the config file. We have also updated the pi and adjusted the contrast on the lcd to no avail.

What else should we try? Running sample code, the bar graph and backlight seems to be working perfectly. The text examples don’t display text, and following simple code does nothing:

from dothat import lcd
lcd.write(“Hello World”)

What next? Thanks!

Do you have any other code running on the Pi, something that might be auto-starting for another project?

Thanks for your response. I was running shellinabox and ngrok, but restarting with those disabled did not solve the problem.

I Am Starting To Think The LCD On The HAT Is Broken

It might be worth trying to change the contrast using:


True values 10, 15, 20, 25 followed by the lcd.write("Hello World") and see what happens.

Edit: Sorry for the delay responding

Nope, still nothing on the LCD

This was a hardware issue, we replaced the hat and the new one works perfectly. Thanks for troubleshooting!