Explorer hat pro with Adafruit OLED

Hello all,
I hit a bit of a wall getting the Explorer Hat pro and the 0.96" Adafruit OLED playing together. The OLED works fine when attached to the Pi itself and The Raspberry Pi Guys examples run. However when wired to the Explorer Hat pro it refuses to work. I am new to all this so it’s probably something obvious I’ve missed, a nudge (or bloody great shove) in the right direction would be appreciated.

Just for info I have the screen wired in the following ways,
Direct to Pi
Gnd - Gnd
Vin - 3v3
Cs - BCM 8
Rst - BCM 14
Dc - BCM 15
Clk - BCM 11
Data - BCM 10

Explorer hat pro
Gnd - Gnd
Vin - 3v3
Cs - Cs
Rst - Tx
Dc - Rx
Clk - Sck
Data - MOSI

From what I can make out from the documentation the pins should be the same each way, is there something I need to enable for SPI to work on the hat?

try to invert the connections as follows:
Rst -> RX

… pretty sure that will do the trick (it’s a labelling issue on the Explorer, or not, depending on your point of view).

Solved! Working perfectly now, thanks very much for your help.

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