ExplorerHAT Pro Output issue


Hi, everyone!

I recently purchased the ExplorerHAT PRO, and it is pretty cool, but I found that turning on the Outputs would not power an LED. After checking with a multimeter, my Pi puts out 3.3v out testing from GPIO 2 on the Raspberry Pi itself, but any one of the four output pins measures around a volt, which won’t even light an LED.

This leads me to think that either my RasPi is not outputting the right voltage on whichever pins ExplorerHAT uses to become the four outputs, or my HAT has something wrong with it.

Any help would be handy. Thanks!


Nevermind. I did not read in the product information where the outputs sink to ground to complete the circuit. That means you have to hook the LED to power, and then to the Output, instead of from ground to output, like most cases.


Explorer pHat and brightness

Good work self-debugging!