Getting started with the Explorer Hat Pro (problems)

Hi folks,

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 along with an Explorer Hat Pro. I’ve run the tutorials, including the analog tutorial; as I was running the tutorial, I noticed that the values read from analog input 1, don’t change as much as I think should. What I mean is this: if I start with a reading of 0.450 and re-read after adjusting the pot, I get 0.470. Even if I max out the pot (or zero the pot), I never get 0 (nor do I get 5). Should I be getting 5V if the pot is maxed out, and 0V if the pot is zero’d? I tried this both with a 1k pot and a 10k pot.

As another test, I simply toggled the output for output 1. When I hook up my multimeter, I get 0.6 V. I thought I should be getting 5V.

I’m somewhat of a newbie. I may have let the smoke out in tinkering with this. Help appreciated!

Thank y’all.

Update 1.

Complete ID-10-T error on my part. The pot has three leads. Pin 1 needs to be hooked up to 5V. Pin 2 needs 2 be hooked up to Analog Input 1. Pin 3 needs to be hooked up to ground. As I played with the pot, I was getting the results I expected.

I am still curious about the outputs (the other part of my test above). Anyone?

Update 2.

Read more. Found that the outputs can sink but don’t source 5V. Electrical Engineering not being my background, I googled a little more and found an example of using Outputs that helped put everything into perspective.

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Thank you for posting updates to your original post, it’s a great insight about how you ran into and solved problems and may help us come up with some better documentation to explain these things from the get-go!

Glad you got up and running in the end.

I wonder if some of the examples should attempt to explain these concepts.

I really liked the three welcome tutorials that were included, but would have liked it if the tutorial went a little further by providing some guidance on how to hook things up. Practical examples with simple circuits, then building on top of that, perhaps by adding additional LED’s–and even adding physical switches (e.g., reed switch).

I know just enough to be dangerous and let the smoke out, but simple examples will go a long way. I’m an engineer at heart, just not electrical. ;-) Thank you for considering adding explanations!

Make sure you hit, there’s a few tutorials up there that may get you started with various sides of the Explorer HAT.