Explorer pHAT


Having difficulties using the pHAT with my zero. Connecting up a 1-wire temperature probe directly to the Zero and i can figure out how to read it but when i try to plug it into the HAT it’s not working. I know this would suggest a soldering issue but i’m not sure. When i try to read the probes ‘number’ i get a line of zeros when i should get something like this - 10-000802824e58

I’m using the +5v (the tutorial i’m reading says you should use 3V3) , GND and 1 of the ‘Inputs’.

Am i right in using the ‘input’ as that from the probe or should i use one of the 5V Analog points? I find the labeling of terminals a bit confusing and not especially clear. I thought if i was just to refer to the GPIO pin i thought was connected to the probe it would work



Which temperature sensor are you connecting to the phat?

There are many different ones available and will therefore connect to the phat in different ways.

A one-wire device (something like a DS18B20) is usually digital though so it would need to be connected to one of the “Input” lines on the phat rather than the analog inputs.


Hi thannks fir the reply,

having read

‘Explorer phat with DHT22: read values’

I guess it’s likeley to be a 1-wire issue?



yes, I haven’t really assessed whether the factor was timing or something else, but I can’t get a DHT22 reading from an Explorer §HAT.

As stated in that topic I recommend you fit a passthrough on an Explorer pHAT anyhow, first because it makes sense (think of it as the equivalent of the breakout available on the Explorer HAT pro), but also because it will allow you to work around issues such as this.


Do you have a suggestion for a passthrough? One of these perhaps?


yes, exactly… I use the following myself, which I find easier to work with (the grip is a bit looser so for stacking add-ons/§HATs they are better suited):


Check this one. It has much longer pins and can be trimmed to length.