When is flotilla available for buying

Since I got one of the basic kits, I was wondering, when we will be able to buy more sensors, dock, etc.?


Well, today is already July, and still no news about availability of additional modules or kits to purchase. Can someone from Pimoroni put some light on that?

I was going to ask again because I want to buy another Kit. Anyone from Pimorini that would like to answer when will we be able o buy extra Flotilla Kits?


Flotilla kits and modules are now up for general availability:

Promos this weekend too, so best stock up!

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Do you intend to add further modules to the flotilla range? I would very much like a humidity sensor preferably with a temperature sensor.

I believe such plans do exist… additional modules I mean, what they will be will depend on what seems to be the most common requests.

Great, I already got another bunch of Flotillas!