Where does picadeX hat hack header send interupt?

Since the PicadeX hat uses pin4 for shutdown, where does the interrupt pin of the hack header get sent? I’ve installed a rotary encoder and it needs a gpio pin for the interrupt, but it’s not getting thru to gpio4.

Alternatively, if i recompile the dtbo can i reassign the shutdown pin to match the spare gpio (26) and match it to the dtoverlay=gpio-shutdown,gpio_pin=26 i have set in my config?

does the hat use gpio4 for anything except to turn power off when pi is already shut down? I Tried switching the pins to 26 and recompiling the dtbo, but then i just get a kernel panic on pressing, and need to turn off power to reboot… Even turning off shutdown/reboot button doesn’t release gpio4 for use with my rotary encoder breakout.