Pi wont boot with Picade hat, otherwise fine

Hey guys tryin to build a handheld for retropie with the same pi 3b and image ive used for a while in a Piboxy case with xbox controller. I installed the picade hat software with the one line installer, and with the hat attached and power supply plugged into picade, the power button works and i get the retropie logo, but then it shuts down immediately on its own. I can keep doing that all day, but when i take off hat and plug power into pi, it boots just fine.
Im new to all of this but thinking it may have something to do with the piboxy software interfering maybe? With piboxy you can use button to turn on and off safely, but dont know if that would make a difference? Thanks in advance if anyone can help!

It sounds a lot like something’s interfering with the Picade HAT, which has a GPIO pin that will immediately cut power and is normally toggled right at the very end of the Pi’s shutdown routine.

The pin is BCM4- so check to make sure you’ve got nothing interfering with that. If you have the “raspi-config” utility, run that and make sure that 1-Wire is not turned on also.

Got it to work now! Uninstalled the Piboxy software. It used like 6 or 8 gpio pins that the software must have assigned. So yeah, happy to have a working hat now. Thanks for your help!

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You’re welcome! Glad you’re up and running.