Which BATTERY for Raspberry PI B+ and 2 X Unicorn Hat 8x8?

For my University project I will need to be mobile.

So would a 9V battery be enough for the Pi B+ and 2 Unicorn Hat 8x8?

Much appreciated any reply.

The safest and easiest way to power a Raspberry Pi is to use a portable mobile-phone power pack- one that comes with one or two USB ports and supplies a stable 5v.

Look for ones that have a ~2Amp output ( for charging tablets on the go ), which should be sufficient for a Pi and possibly just enough for two Unicorn Hats at their default brightness.

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I have used a portable power bank battery 2200mAh which I had a B+ running a scrolling message on the unicorn hat for about 1/2 an hour (still had power left), it even had a wi-fi dongle as well (more power used), to allow me to connect to the pi and send the display commands. Battery comes in a nice little bag with a lead and several connector types including the micro USB for the pi. On the B+ the power light flashes or does not come on if there is not enough power, you can vary the power consumption by lowering the brightness.