Unicorn Hat for Model B


I’ve purchased a Unicorn HAT and a GPIO ribbon cable (Male:Female) for my raspberry pi model B (not B+). What is meant by:

“Compatibility (Model B): HATs are only compatible with the newer B+ Raspberry Pi. They will not fit nicely on a B. You can hack it to work with a Model B though.”

What is the hack that they are talking of?

I’ve tried to place the board on the model B and but this does not seem to work.

What do I have to do to get the HAT up and running?

Never mind.
I found that I was using the wrong pins on both by matrix and pi.
The Unicorn Hat and Used Pins was useful in figuring out which pins were needed.

I’m fairly certain that the “hack” would involved removing the RCA video port on the pi so that the matrix’s pins can line up with the correct GPIO pins.

You don’t need to remove the RCA video port, you can just use a 26-pin “stackable header” to extend the height of your GPIO port. We don’t officially support or endorse this since the Model B Pi doesn’t really have enough power for a UnicornHAT at full brightness, but I have personally tested it and verified that it works.

Thanks I’ll keep it in mind.