Compatibility: RPi B (not plus) with new pibows (and unicorn hat)

I have a Raspberry Pi B (not the B+). Will it fit in the new pibows so I can then attach a unicorn hat on top; all sitting inside the housing so I can attach a diffuser on top. If this is not possible, is there an alternative to house the unicorn with a diffuser?

Thanks, Noel

the Unicorn HAT, or any HAT for that matter, is not really designed for the older Raspberry Pis. Can it work? probably (for the Unicorn anyhow), but physically I’m pretty sure you will have to raise the GPIO to clear off numerous physical components to attach the HAT.

At that point, the Pibow, or most cases are not going to give you an all enclosed solution.

@RogueM is right - HATs are not physically compatible with the original Raspberry Pi Model B I’m afraid! You can work around it in some cases with extended headers or jumper wires but it’s never going to be as neat and tidy.

Ok, thanks both for your help