Which CS pin, BCM 8 or 0, is right Inky pHAT CS?

Inky pHAT is really impressive. I’ve just started playing with this and CS pin assignment in the python code is puzzling me.

From pinout.xyz, Inky pHAT’s CS pin is BCM 8.

But, in “inky212x104.py”, the CS pin sounds like BCM 0.

Please tell me which pin is for the CS. I believe it is BCM 8, as BCM 0 seems reserved for ID EEPROM. I may be misunderstanding the python code. If so, please tell me how I am wrong about the code.

Thank you

This is slightly confusing because the CS0_PIN constant in the Inky pHAT library actually refers to the value passed directly into SPI’s Open method.



So the 0 is actually CE0 not BCM0, and CE0 is on BCM8.

This could probably stand to be documented better in the library itself!

That explains clearly. I should have dug the code a little more.

Thank you!

No problem! You’re welcome.