Which DAC Will Help me become the next NIN?

Basically I’m buying all the audio related p/HATs I can (piano, drum, speaker, mic for samplingl, etc) along with a load of kits from another audio kit suppliers to make a big synth rig to plug into a Raspberry Pi 3 and/or pi Zero.

I just have one final piece to this grand plan.

A DAC for outputting my industrial, techno masterpieces.

Can anyone compare the different DACS and explain the major differences and why I should get whichever? They honestly all just look the same with different PCB layouts and prices.

What’s important is I still need to be able to fit a pHAT stack so I can add my audio inputs such as piano and drum p/HATS. But which of the above DAC’s will allow for that while pumping out Nine Inch Nails industrial sounding goodness by my very own hand?

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pHAT DAC will give you the same 24-bit/192KHz digital stereo output, but is less than half the price of any of those options and half the size too, so will free up more space on your pHAT Stack.

It depends how much you value the couple of extra features you get with those IQaudio ones (optical output, slightly different driver chips)?

We use a pHAT DAC here in the office for our Spotify system with some nice Harman Kardon speakers, and it sound just fantastic.

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Thanks man. I really appreciate the reply! :)

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