Can i use two pHat DAC on one raspberry pi?


Am i able to use two of the pHat DAC for essentially four channels out?


I’ve never tried it, but since the signal is single-directional (out only) it should work fine. I’ve got a couple sat on my desk, so I’ll try it!


As I suspected. It seems to work fine!

I had more trouble figuring out why I couldn’t get even one to work :D (stupid 1-wire fiddling) once it was up and running it worked fine.


Awesome, can I ask what Pi you tried it on? I am wanting to do it on a Pi 2 model B. I’m not entirely sure but I was reading that they work with the 40 GPIO pin models not just on the Pi Zero.

Thank you for your quick response though. I really do appreciate it!


Sure, they’ll work with any Pi that has a 40-way header.


Ok, 2 has been tested and functioning together to get 4CH audio output, could 3 be used to get 6CH that could essentially be used as 4CH and a sub output?


You might be pushing your luck!

I don’t know what a subwoofer will do with the whole audio waveform, though, I know it wont respond properly to high frequency sound since it physically can’t move that fast, but does it automatically filter out the high frequency stuff with a low pass filter?


What I am wanting to do is replace the head unit in my truck with a Raspberry Pi and a touch screen. I have already ran new speakers, wires, and amps. The only issue I have actually ran into so far is finding a way to connect the amps to the raspberry pi, the Phat DAC is the first stackable solution I have found that doesn’t require me to use a USB sound card. The amps currently connect to my stereo with RCA cables and really as it sits right now, I am only using a 2CH amp and then my mono amp for the sub woofers. Is there a way that i can do something like this with these or is there a way to do the filtering on the Pi? I haven’t ventured too much further due to the lack of finding information on it, then I found this and it resparked the interest.


With the settings on the amp itself I am able to do low pass filtering if that is what you are asking. At that point it should only allow up to whatever frequency I tune it to at max of 55Hz I believe is what the low pass maxes out at on my amp.