Wired chiclet keyboard "Fn" key

Hi everyone,

As some of you on the wired chiclet keyboard that Pimoroni sell, there is a “Fn” key, but this key generate no event on the Linux side.
And I have the impression that it change nothing on the key event the keyboard send, so I’m a bit clueless… :)

Does someone knows what this key is for?
@gadgetoid any clues?

Just looked over at the two chicklet keyboards on my desk and, you’re right, there’s a fn key but the usual silkscreen that denotes fn shifted actions is missing and the key seems to do absolutely nothing.

I’ll have to try and set up some USB sniffing to confirm this when I get time, it must surely do something otherwise it wouldn’t be there.

It’s the mysterious “Don’t push me or…” red button!

It’s the brexit key, ASCII code 50 (Lisbon key layout)… it’s not very clear what it does, you have to press it really hard, the soft way won’t work. Then possibly something happens. Be careful what you wish for though! ;-)


If you hold it down for 10 seconds, this happens:

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