WLAN for Badger2040 and Tufty

Just want to share a PCB I made to add WLAN-support for the Badger2040 (works also with the Tufty):


The Badger communicates with the ESP-01S using UART (AT-commands with the original firmware). Ideal to update the time of the Badger or to send measurement-data to a second device.

You can also add an RTC (PCF8523). This is of course nothing you will hang around your neck, but for stationary projects this is ideal.

In the project-repo GitHub - bablokb/pcb-badger2040-wlan: Small PCB for an ESP-01S and PCF8523-RTC you will find the design-files and a ready-to-upload zip-file for production. I got five pcbs for less than 7 Euro. And delivery to Germany from China is usually faster than from UK (which is definitely not Pimoroni’s fault, they send out very fast).

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Wow, that is really cool. I have a rather chunky battery pack on the back of my Tufty. I won’t be wearing it around my neck anytime soon. It sits nicely on my desk though, slightly tilted back for easy viewing. And goes in my pocket from time to time. BME280 wired up to mine for Weather info display.

One of the challenges was to work around the connectors. The Badger needs access to the battery-connector, and the Tufty has the Stemma/QT top-left.

This is part of my clock-project. The Badger displays the current time and temperature/humidity from an AHT20 attached to the Stemma/Qt. Currently the main task is working on a nice frame. I’ll post images once I’m done.