WS2815B and the Plasma 2040

I have a 5 metre length of WS2815B led lights. (60 leds per metre) and wish to control them with the Plasma 2040. I’m aware of the power requirements ( centre fed or both ends and common ground for the strip and Plasma. External 12v for strip only and USB power for the Plasma)

At the moment I’m controlling a 5m strip (50 leds) of WS2812 leds.

To define the WS2812 I’m using


Assuming I can control the WS2815B leds with the Plasma what would the above definition become? Changing WS2812 to WS2815 or wS2815b or something else.

Thanks in advance


I think a lot of 12V LED strip can be controlled with the same data signals as Neopixels/WS2812 - probably worth giving your current settings a go?

Cheers! I will give it a go. It was more would that definition need changing than anythi ng else. I’ve mentioned elsewhere that a five metre length of leds is ideal to form a five point star (total of five 1 metre point to point lengths) Once you’ve made a table of which leds form the centre pentagon and which the five stars you can then manipulate the leds with all sorts of patterns. Just don’t fall foul of MicroPython indents!! Now want to try it with 300 leds in a star shape😂

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