Plasma 2040 and 12v

Hi! Some LEDs require 12v power supplies. Are they still compatible with the plasma 2040, if you just use the data and ground lines?


Yep, I’ve successfully driven 12V addressable LEDs using Plasma and a separate power supply - it probably depends on whether the LEDs you’re using are happy with 5V data.

Right, that’s interesting. I’ve just seen that on the listing it says the Plasma2040 is compatible with “5V WS2812/Neopixel/SK6812 and APA102/Dotstar/SK9822 LEDs”. I’ll have to do some testing once the lights arrive. I’m using these:

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Make sure you wire up a common ground. The data pins need a ground reference from the Plasma 2040.

As the listing states that the plasma 2040s are only compatible with 5v LEDs, I’m going to try doing this with a step up convertor on the data line. I’ll let you know how it goes.