Ye Olde MOTE from a PICO

I have an old MOTE kit… Which is sitting in a box after the project was put away.
I have a new project where I am in need of a fast RGB LED - the APA102c.

Looking at the MOTE LED Sticks, it looks like you have used the USB wires to pass V++, Clock, Data, Gnd. It also looks like a 5th pin is tied to ground - which I believe means the LED child (slave).
And if so, could I get confirmation of which wires you have used for which?

I intend to run this direct from a PICO in C, which i have not looked into yet. But i cannot imagine this will be an issue.

Thanks, N

Think I have it… Based on this:

1 - 5v
2 - data
3 - clock
4 - NC
5 - Gnd