Zero Lipo Connector

Is there another name for the battery connector that the Zero Lipo uses? I’ve borrowed some RC helicopter batteries off my dad and he says they’re standard JST connectors but they are much flatter and don’t fit… Was hoping to order some alternative plugs or adapters for them but I’m not sure exactly what to look for.


You’re probably looking for this:

See the datasheet links under documents.

Aha, cheers. So JST is the manufacturer, and the type is PHR-2. Handily it looks to be the same as my NextThing CHIP uses so I can use that as a charger :)

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Hi there,

I am noobs on electronics. As this question had been resolved and mine is closely related to it, I think it is better not to start a new threat for late comers.

After I crimp the phr-2 to a battery, I need to re-charge the battery somewhere. That means I need something to connect to this phr-2 (female, is “female” named correctly?). I checked the datasheet mentioned above and think that it is the S2B-PH-K-S. However, it is designed to be soldered onto a board instead of to wire (like phr-2) that I prefer.
I tried google but failed to find the right code for ““the other side of phr-2 that crimp to wire”” and the code for the “pin”. I even wonder if it really exists? Very much appreciated if you can help me out.

Many Thanks