LiPo Shim battery JST connector

The LiPo battery I purchased did not come with a compatible 2 pole connector for the LiPo Shim. What the part number on the LiPo Shim JST connector so I can modify the battery connection? Thanks.

The battery connector on Pico LiPo SHIM is a 2-pole JST PH connector - you could splice this wire assembly onto the wires from your battery?

Thanks, hel. I was able to purchase, if not the same wire assembly, something similar at a local electronics store. I also discovered the connector housing p/n is JST PHR-2 and female socket pins are p/n JST SPH-004T-P0.5S.

Of importance, the wire assembly I purchased had the red and black opposite from the LiPo Shim mating side. I caught this before plugging the battery in. Don’t know if the LiPo Shim has reverse polarity protection.

There should be a metal retaining tab you can gently press down to remove the connector from the white shell. Do that and you can swap the wires around to the correct polarity.