Zero2Go battery backed while shutting down?

It is not clear but if the Zero2Go has a 12v input (bucking down to 5v), and a battery connected. What happens when there is a loss of 12v? I am looking for a solution the detect the power loss, remain on battery power long enough to shut down the PI.

This is going into an Automobile, where I want the PI to power up / Down safely when the vehicle is running.

This is what the Zero2Go claims to do (from Pimoroni’s product page): “Shutdown Raspberry Pi when input voltage below preset threshold”. So you should be covered. You might need to do some configuration, but this is certainly somewhere documented for this hat.

I read that if the battery goes below a certain voltage. Since there are multiple inputs, I assumed it would flip over to battery until it ran down. That is not the desired result I was looking for, battery long enough to shut down then would not be used anymore.

It does claim to switch over to the battery. And if you set the shutdown threshold to say 3.2V, you should be safe. LiPos work fine down to 3.0V, so that should be enough for a safe shutdown.