1.3" SPI Colour Square LCD (240x240) not animating

I am running the 1.3" SPI Colour Square LCD (240x240) with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The screen connects and shows the rainbow gif but the image does not animate.

I have tested the scrolling text and that works.

any ideas on what I am doing wrong.

I’m going to be tinkering around with my 1.54" SPI Color LCD on my Pi 400 latter on today. I’ll give that example a try to see what’s what while I’m at it. And report back.

Hi, thanks for that.

Potentially silly question; how are you trying to display the rainbow gif?

If you’re using image.py from the examples, it only draws the first frame on the gif; you need to use gif.py which understands cycling through the frames.

(I only suggest this because I did precisely that the first time I got one…!)

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python3 gif.py deployrainbows.gif square

Worked OK for me.