18-Channel 8-bit PWM LED Driver


I try to control my LEDs with the 18-Channel 8-bit PWM LED Driver w/ I2C Interface on a Raspberry Pi 3. I’ve connected the board how described at the shop (Ground, VCC with 3V, SCL, SDA) but the i2cdetect don’t show the 0x54 address. The RasPi and the I2C works fine with other devices.

Do I have to wire to pin OU? Pull up to 3V?


Yes, I’m pretty sure that the OE and I2C pins on the SN3218A require pull-up resistors.



I don’t suppose you could tell me how to wire this board to the PI? I have been struggling to find any useful info.

Thanks in advance



I haven’t got one of those, but it should be your typical ‘2-wire’ i2c, meaning clock and data linked up, with common ground, and either power from the Pi or separate supply (2.75-5.5V).