2 player PICADE

Has anyone tried creating a 2 player PICADE setup?

Would the following work?

1 Raspberry Pi with HDMI output going to both screens (splitter)
1 PICADE USB setup as Player1
2nd PICADE setup as Player 2 controls

This way each player sees the same screen and is controlling their own character.

What do you think? Flaws to this idea or alternative ways of getting 2 players on one PICADE?

Totally possible!

Another route would be to match a Picade with a Picade Console which would give a second set of controls but with a shared screen. Just connect the Console to the Pi in the main unit, reprogram the key mappings and away you go! :-)

I have been thinking about going the second route since building my picade a few weeks ago. I did not even know the first route was possible, do all the emulators support network play for multiplayer or is it just the arcade emulators that work that way?

I’ve been reviewing this as an option also. I’ve tried netplay between my picade (RP4) and tested it by connecting it via ethernet to my other stand alone RP4.

2d gaming works fine, but the psx has a lot of freeze frames. Looking to see if there’s something to improve especially for the psx