2 player PICADE


Has anyone tried creating a 2 player PICADE setup?

Would the following work?

1 Raspberry Pi with HDMI output going to both screens (splitter)
1 PICADE USB setup as Player1
2nd PICADE setup as Player 2 controls

This way each player sees the same screen and is controlling their own character.

What do you think? Flaws to this idea or alternative ways of getting 2 players on one PICADE?


Totally possible!

Another route would be to match a Picade with a Picade Console which would give a second set of controls but with a shared screen. Just connect the Console to the Pi in the main unit, reprogram the key mappings and away you go! :-)


I have been thinking about going the second route since building my picade a few weeks ago. I did not even know the first route was possible, do all the emulators support network play for multiplayer or is it just the arcade emulators that work that way?