Picade AND a Picade Console

Hi Everyone,

I’ve already got a full Picade which I am loving, but I was wondering is it possible to have a Picade Console running with a Picade. IE: Two identical Picade PCB’s running on one Raspberry Pi… Also thinking about using the Picade Console as a stand alone as well, but if I wanted Player 2 on my full one i can just plug it in to the pi?

Thanks everyone :)

Yes, this is possible, however you’ll have to rebind the keys of the Picade Console or switch it into Gamepad mode so the key bindings don’t conflict. All connected keyboards will be treated as one single input device, so if you have the same bindings on each there’s no way to disambiguate player 1 from player 2.


Thanks for the reply!

So if I rebound the Picade Console PCB using keys that the first one doesn’t use I’m guessing it would still work as a stand alone one if attached to a different pi then.

Is it hard to rebind the keys? And I’m guessing you can rebind everything (does the volume ones need rebinding too?)

Thanks again :)

The methods for editing the keybindings are documented here: New 2.x Configurable Keyboard/Gamepad Firmware

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