Dual Picade Setup - Help Needed!

Hey guys!

I’ve just finished (almost) building a two-player Picade standup running Retropie. I’ve used two Picade boards - one as the main “Player One” board, handling sound and miscellaneous buttons as well as the joystick and six command buttons, and a second one just routed to the joystick and six buttons/Start and Select.

My issue is that it registers both Picade as the same controller and therefore I have two Player 1 inputs, which I can’t seem to change. I’ve googled my heart out and there are alludes to a picade_2016.hex which doesn’t seem to exist on the internet.

I’ve also tried flashing the picade with the picade_gamepad.hex from the Picade-Sketch/Other folder but that just made it unresponsive.

The general consensus from what I’ve seen is that it needs to register itself as a gamepad so that i can have multiple copies of it, rather than registering it like a keyboard like it does.

I’m absolutely stuck and would hate my work and my lovely two-player cabinet to be a waste. Please help!