Joystick/player 2 issues

I’m running Retropie on a Raspbery Pi 3B+.

Joystick 1 (which is connected to my original Picade HAT) works fine but Joystick 2 (which is attached to a USB Encoder) moves Joystick 1.

For some reason it won’t register as a separate joystick.

Any advice?

I think the problem is that the Picade is not read as a joystick by Retropie, it is instead identified as a keyboard controller. As the system expects keyboard and joystick inputs to be allowed simultaneously, the second joystick is seen as the primary gamepad controller. How you get Retropie to recognise that as player 2 I don’t know, there’s probably some way to hardcode a script (way past my level of knowledge though unfortunately)

Hope this gets you started at least!

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You’d think it would be compatible and simple. I regret getting a Picade now it’s give me nothing but grief.

I’ll admit there’s a bit to take into account getting things set up alright. I’ve been journaling my experiences setting it up and configuring it elsewhere on this forum. I’ve been also working from a pre-built Retropie image, so that created a few extra wrinkles trying to get it up-and-running properly. With some help from others on here, Discord, and the WHDload Amiga group on Facebook I have most of my issues sorted (I think). Still can’t quite get Atari 800 and C64 controls exactly right, but I’ll keep on trying

The duplicate Player 1 control thing works out in my favour, as I was planning on playing games like PS1 on a gamepad anyway, so that suits me, but knowing how to set up a single gamepad as Player 2 would be helpful on occasion too :)

This is a Picade issue though not a Raspberry Pi issue. I’ll find out on my 2nd table anyway. I got 2 usb encoders with joysticks, no Picade the Pi should be able to differentiate the two.

It 's just frustrating that something made to work with the Pi doesn’t work.

Oddly enough I believe that swapping around joystick order is a lot easier on Recalbox, not sure how the Picade hat software works on that though. I think there’s a Retropie script somewhere in the settings of the image I use for joystick allocation. I’ll try look at that later and report if it’s of any use, ok?

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This looks like it might be of use to you?

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I tried that already.