Adding a USB joystick for player 2

I have a USB joystick that I want to add to my Picade as a controller for Player 2. If I plug my joystick into the RP3b+ in my Picade and configure it, it just controls player 1 - exactly like the controls on the Picade itself.

I cannot get it (the USB joystick) to control player 2. I’ve read that if I plug in two USB joysticks it will work, but that’s not an option. I’ve also read that the solution would be to install the Joystick-Selector script for RetroPie and make a global configuration this way. If I try this, however, it just shows “Unset” and “USB 1” (can’t remember the exact name of my USB joystick). If I unplug the USB stick it just writes “Unset” as my only option. I haven’t tried messing with this and setting USB 1 as Player 2 and leaving player 1 as Unset - I’m afraid that I’ll ruin my normal setup.

Can anybody help me out here?

I’d really love to have the extra joystick for some arcade games and NES/SNES games.

Ok, I decided to try leaving Player 1 as unset in “Joystick Selection” and selecting the USB joystick as the controller for Player 2. It works… sort of.

The build in controls on the Picade controls Player 1 and the USB joystick controls Player 2… and player 1.

Any ideas on how to disable the usb joystick for Player 1 and only having it control Player 2?


The joystick and controls on the Picade should output as keyboard, so does it work if you select keyboard as the controller for P1 and the USB joystick for P2?


Sorry been busy and away from my picade too long.
I can’t Seem to select keyboard for any player? I can select “UNSET” or USB 1 joystick. How do you select keyboard as controls for a player?


It should be picked up automatically if you try and configure any of the buttons with a keyboard button, is it just not registering? If not, try exiting to the command line and see if any of the buttons or joystick outputs any letters or directions - joystick should be arrow keys and the buttons should I believe output letters.

On the command line: Some of the buttons output letters (x,z and i), some does nothing and the joystick acts as arrow keys - so everything should work correctly, right?

Really can’t figure this one out. My USB joystick controls player 2 and player 1 at the same time. The build-in Picade controls controls player 1. I just want to have the USB joystick to only control player 2.

Have you found a solution yet?
I’ve planned to do the same ;)



No, I haven’t found a solution yet. If you do, please let me know!


Forgive my English is a little bad.

I have the same problem to configure a ps3 controller for the second player in the picade console with raspberry Pi 3. Using Joystick-Selector with the picades joystyck I can control player 1 but with the ps3 control control 1 and 2 at the same time.

Please someone found a solution to play two-player games?

Thank you

For anybody else who gets stuck with this, I solved it by going into all retroarch settings via retropie (to the grey and blue screen where you do updates), set all controls, put nothing for p1 and the usb controller for p2. Then go in to retroarch control bindings via the retroarch gui and unselect usb controller for p1. Now each controller does what it is supposed to do.