Adding 2nd controller for MAME?

Hi, I have looked in the Retropie Wiki and forums, but can’t see (or understand) if this is possible.

Can I attach a USB controller so that I can play Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter as 2 player with someone using the Picade joystick/buttons as Player 1 and Player 2 on the USB controller? I tried the TAB function within MAME, but each time I re-map the buttons for Player 2 manually it comes up as “J1 JoyButton x”

Is there a way to make this “J2 JoyButton x” as some of the defaults on MAME are already J2 but the buttons are incorrect.

Hope that makes sense and someone knows the answer.


I added a usb port for this purpose. I then connected a usb extender cord to plug into the back from the pi. I then went into the retropie menu and selected “RetroArch”. In there I was able to set up the second controller which is my usb controller for the second player. It worked just fine. I Play Gyromite on Nintendo so I can use the second controller to bring down the pillars.

You will have to go into Retroarch then Settings>Input. I then set max players to 2. The 1st of course is the Picade button setup. You just need to configure the 2nd so go down to “Input User 2 Binds”. After you done make sure you go into configuration and turn on the “Save Configuration On Exit” then you can Quit Retroarch.

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OK, thanks I’ll give that a go tonight. Is there a reason why you used a USB extender? I have two spare ports in the Pi3 and using one of these to plug in the controller. Shouldn’t make a difference, right?

I just didn’t want to have the cord coming from the back outer door. Just
too messy. All I do now is just pug right into the front. Plus it’s a cool

Definitely looks good. I have a Wii U Pro controller that I managed to previously connect through bluetooth, but now for some reason doesn’t want to connect anymore. That would be a better option for me.

Update - Got things working! Basically re-installed to the new Retropie 4.0 and this seems to have reset the bluetooth controller. Managed to get my Wii U Pro controller connecting again and using the retroarch settings, have it as the Player 2 controller. Thanks for your help

So 4.0 been good for you?

Yes, so far. Everything seems to work as before