Adding 2nd player control to Picade Hat

Hello, starting to build an Arcade machine on RPi3 and Retropie using Picade Hat for Arcade Button controls.

However I would like to add 2nd player controls, also using Arcade Joystick (4way) and Buttons (6 buttons for action). How can I add more input controls and what equipment would be needed in addition to the Picade hat? Any recommendations?

I only want to play MAME so no console joysticks etc. are any kind of option here…

one solution might be to use a Picade board (not the HAT), alongside the HAT. By default it outputs the same keycodes, but it’s possible to change that in the firmware so they don’t overlap.


I was thinking the same thing. Just wasn’t sure if it would be a supported method.

Thanks! I was thinking about this but needed confirmation.

So I’d use Picade Hat for Player1, Poweroff and utilities and Sound (if required).

Wondering if any other “cheap” USB>Jamma" PCB would work as well but better buy the same vendor then ;-)

sure… it won’t work without a custom firmware for the ATmega32U4 but otherwise as long as you can bind that many key triggers as needed for that dual configuration in your emulator of choice it should be no problem.

I have it on my ‘things-to-try-soon’…