Picade pcb and hat


Hi there,

I have built a miniature fight stick with a picade pcb in gamepad mode inside and I would like to run it through usb to my picade which has a picade hat inside. I have plugged in and configured the pcb with all the buttons working and it all works fine in the menus but as soon as I start a game the picade controls player one fine but only the joystick on player 2 works.

I also have a usb snes controller which works fine as second player but when I swap it out for the pcb in a game all the buttons bar the joystick don’t work.


I’m not sure which emulator you’re running but in MAME you can hit TAB and set up the controls within the emulator itself or take a look at the Retroarch setup itself. All this assumes you are running Retropie


Sorry for the late reply.

That has worked a treat it seems like emulation station was working but not mapping the controls to retroarch.

Now ready for two-player fun